The DraftLens Story

We started DraftLens to reimagine how lawyers draft contracts, so they can spend time on what matters most. Our vision begins with drafting, but it extends well beyond that.
The DraftLens app makes contract drafting much easier, a first step along the way to better managing your practice. The app simplifies all the stages of the contract drafting process – finding a precedent, inserting new information, and formatting – and puts it into a smart, cohesive view. It uses a web-based interface so we can make fundamental improvements beyond what Word and Word plugins can do.
Start from our library of dynamic agreements to customize a contract or turn one of your forms into a dynamic template. Our intelligent contracting engine automatically handles section renumbering, defined term lists, signature pages, cover pages, TOCs and other common tasks. Schedule a demo to learn more.


Wasim Quadir
Co-founder and CEO
Ex-Lawyer at Arnold & Porter
Steve Shwartz
Co-founder and CTO
Serial Entrepreneur

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