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Draft at the Speed of Thought

Welcome to Draftlens – where contracts evolve at the click of a button. Automate, customize, and execute legal documents with AI-assisted ease that transforms how you draft. Say hello to error-free, swift, and tailored drafting that sets new standards in legal tech.

Increased Efficiency

Customizable Templates

Collaborative Features

Revolutionizing Contract Creation

At Draftlens, we've reimagined contract drafting to save you time without compromising on precision. Whether you're looking to quickly adapt your own contracts or tap into our extensive, expertly curated library, our platform empowers you to draft with unparalleled efficiency. With intuitive customization at the heart of our service, Draftlens offers a drafting experience that's as sophisticated as it is simple.


What We Offer

Our platform offers advanced features to streamline the contract creation process. Say goodbye to manual drafting and hello to our automated templates designed to save you time and effort.

Your Contracts,

Convert your tried-and-true contracts into dynamic templates. With Draftlens, your best work becomes the foundation for consistent excellence, ready to be tailored for any scenario.

Bulk Contract Generation

Time is precious. Draftlens responds by instantly generating dozens of personalized contracts from a single form - ideal for offer letters, NDAs, and more.

Document Packages

Initiate a series of related documents with a single set of inputs. Draftlens is not only about individual contracts — it's about creating a cohesive, comprehensive package of agreements that serve complex deals, such as venture financings or employee onboarding.

AI-Enhanced Drafting

Utilize the latest in legal technology. Draftlens' AI assists in generating contract clauses, ensuring that your documents are up-to-date with current standards and practices.

How It Works

Our platform is built by transactional attorneys, for transactional attorneys. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to creating contracts, and we built Draftlens to simplify the process. Here's how:​

  1. Select a Template or Upload Yours: Start with our expert-crafted templates or your own document.

  2. Customize with Point-and-Click Ease: Adjust the strength of clauses with intuitive controls, and add/remove provisions with a single click.

  3. Generate and Download: Fill out any required contract fields, and then download in your chosen format.

Customizable Templates

Integrated Collaboration

AI-Powered Drafting

Trusted by Transactional Attorneys Everywhere

Transactional attorneys from around the world trust Draftlens to simplify their contract creation process.

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What Our Clients Say

"From a tech perspective and a cost perspective, there’s all the reason in the world that Draftlens should be the way everyone starts drafting."

Mike R.

Associate, Top 10 AmLaw Firm

"The ability to strengthen or weaken clauses and see the impact of each clickable option without having to do somersaults… impressive."

Nate K.

Attorney, Top 25 AmLaw Firm

"Draftlens has made my life so much easier. This platform is a must-have for any transactional attorney."

Vanessa T.

Partner, Corporate Practice Group

What Draftlens Can Do For You

For Law Firms

Enhance Accuracy and Reduce Risk

Minimize the potential for errors with our AI-driven templates and clause library. Ensure that every contract you draft meets the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.

Maximize Billable Hours

With Draftlens, you can complete contract work faster and more accurately, freeing up time to focus on higher-value tasks and client relationships, thereby maximizing your billable hours.

Stay Competitive

Leverage the latest in legal tech to provide innovative services to your clients. Stay ahead in a competitive market by offering faster turnaround times and cutting-edge solutions.

For In-House Counsel

Reduce External Legal Costs

By enhancing your in-house capabilities with Draftlens, you can significantly reduce the need for external legal consultations and services, leading to substantial cost savings.

Optimize Contract Workflow

Simplify the contract drafting process within your organization. Draftlens’ no-code solution allows for rapid creation and customization of contracts at scale.

Facilitate Compliance and Control

Ensure that every contract adheres to company policies and legal standards. Draftlens helps you maintain compliance and governance with less effort, providing peace of mind.

Ready to draft at the speed of thought?

Join the ranks of top legal professionals who are changing the landscape of contract drafting. Start your free trial and bring unparalleled efficiency to your legal documents today.

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